“New” Social Media, and a Side of Covfefe

“New” Social Media

I would say welcome to the age of oversharing, but we have been in the throws of it for a few years now. In fact we have entered into a new period. A whole new type of social media if you will. One that takes the meaningless, arbitrary, mistakes, of our everyday brain-vomit, and makes relatable humor for others to enjoy. A mission of ‘giving meaning to the meaningless’.


One great example of this is ‘memes’, of which I am not even going to go in detail about. They are pictures, with often sarcastic, or even dadaist humor written in bold letters. If you don’t know what a ‘meme’ is by now, there’s not much I can do to help you, but here’s a link to help you understand what we are all laughing about. https://www.reddit.com/r/memes/

Also, reference the featured image.


As I stand outside my house, my neighbor and co-host on DiSE and The Skinny on Double D, Wes, rides past on his motorcycle, while his fiancé, my co-host on bandPie, Callie, and her friend Jessica record simultaneous Snapchat stories of him making it home successfully. This phenomenon has become so trivial, they didn’t even notice they were doing it.

We have become so use to being able to record and share our most treasured moments, we forget to experience them in real time. And while it is useful for reliving and retelling, it loses some magic, which is, I assume, why Snapchat has begun a slightly downward trend.

Vine compilations make up some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube now that it has been phased out by its parent company, Twitter. It doesn’t seem like that long ago that folks were making small fortunes on one of the most downloaded apps. Snapchat may be destined to join its fallen comrade.

YouTube Poop (YTP)

Another revolutionary form of social media content creation and general time-wasting material, is something called YouTube Poop, commonly abbreviated YTP.

YouTube came around in the middle of the Aught’s, giving those without cable, or a monthly budget devoted to entertainment, a way to connect with independent content producers and enjoy countless hours of free material. Full of makeup tutorials, various how-to’s, and comedy sketches, often childish in humor. YouTube eventually provided a platform for others to dive deeper into a slew of subjects, basically turning itself into a dumping-ground for conspiracy theorists, religious nut jobs, and those trying to make ad-revenue from rehashing older videos. The most viewed videos on YouTube are songs. Not music videos, just audio tracks. The ones with splash art of the album cover. However a few good quality channels still exist and are putting out solid content, but even the newest ways of making it on YouTube are dying.

The traditional YouTube model is alive and well, but it seems there is a shelf-life for those who follow this route.

YouTube essentially formed into a being. A living, changing, online organism, with a digestive tract. And from this tract came what we call, YouTube Poop. Urban Dictionary defines it as, “…videos posted on YouTube which are usually nonsensical and random…”, and are popular among internet and tech savvy users. This implies that only these people are able to fully enjoy this type of content, but trust me, anyone can, if you can understand it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F9vfozSihpM


Out of all these generally “new” ways of turning the meaningless into the meaningful, Twitter has played a huge role, along with sites such as Reddit and 4chan. These places are major breeding grounds for all the meaningless/meaningful humor we create, mainly due to the chatroom like atmosphere where ideas are tossed around like an inflatable ball at a Flaming Lips concert. Twitter though, has returned to the forefront of the content creation cycle, due to one of it’s most influential users, President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. His late night tweets are like tasty morsels of meaningless humor, waiting to be baked into fresh remixes of the already absurd. A recent post referring to the – you know what, I’ll just let Trump tell you himself:

Covfefe? Needless to say the internet jumped on the chance to turn this middle of the night, rambling, nonsensical tweet, into various forms of nonsensical humor for the masses to bond over.

Even the police joined in the internet fun.

My Take

You may be thinking, “Joe, you sound like you are not a big fan of the relentless onslaught of mindless internet convergence over obscure materials.” And I would reply, “That’s quite a specific definition, but it is quite the contrary.” I am a big supporter in the idea of nonsensical humor uniting a seemingly divided consensus these days. We can bond over our semi-abusive humor-based culture, and dammit we have the right to! The only thing I have an issue with is when people use them for anything other than humor. New social media has been the catalyst for so many recent events, or the exposure of certain events I should say, that it has become difficult to tell the difference between the sensical and nonsense.

While I do agree with the notion that mastery of this new form, or outlet of social media, is paramount. I will say to those who wish to pioneer some of these new frontiers, be prepared to change at any given moment, and continue your education into new ways of expression on the internet. As proven by the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump – I have to say it like that, so I don’t laugh out loud – we can do anything with social media, like create mindless “poop” videos, or become the President.

What the f—?

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