SuperEight: A Beer That Quenches Your Thirst AND Develops Your Kodak Super 8 Film

Have you ever had a long day shooting and wanted a refreshing, slightly tart beer that not only could quench your thirst but develop your film? Neither have I. The craft brewery Dogfish Head apparently pondered this very question and set out to answer it.

The result is SuperEight. The 5.3% ABV is made with some special ingredients and was designed to process Kodak’s famous Super 8 film stock. Two things I absolutely love. Beer and film.

…Analog beers for the digital age…

Sam Calgione

Some time in 2018 Dogfish founder and CEO Sam Calagione discovered that some photographers and filmmakers had figured out that some types of beer could be used to develop film. It turned out that Dogfish had been developing a beer with eight “super” ingredients: prickly pear, mango, boysenberry, blackberry, raspberry, elderberry, kiwi juices, toasted quinoa and an ample addition of red Hawaiian sea salt. The beer was to have a high Vitamin C content, which turns out is perfect for developing film. A happy coincidence, if you will.

In the spirit of beautiful imperfection and alternative processing, Dogfish and Kodak teamed up to produce this unique beer. Kodak says it has the iconic Super 8 aesthetic, yet amplified. Apparently it give the film more texture and more grain which delivers more emotion.

Like footage from the dawn of movie-making, made unique with 21st century subjects.


Kodak has even given us a little example of what the footage looks like when processed with SuperEight beer. Check it out below.   

Kodak has even provided the recipe to develop your film using SuperEight. You can find it on their website here but I’m also including is right below too.

SuperEight Process

Like all things creative, the gold is in the process not the end result. Both Kodak and Calagione are strong advocates for storytelling. SuperEight is another way to explore that process.

So get out there and explore! Let us know what you discover.

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